Filler Dissolver

Filler Dissolver Services: Hylenex

Correct and Enhance with Precision:

If you're not satisfied with previous filler results, our Hylenex treatment offers a solution to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers safely and effectively. Ideal for adjustments or corrections to earlier treatments.

  • Must be hyaluronic acid filler to qualify for dissolution.
  • Previous injection records may be requested to ensure the best approach.
  • Price: $250 per vial or $213 per vial with membership pricing.
  • The effectiveness and the number of vials required depend on the specific area and the type of product used previously.
  • Treatment may require multiple sessions.
  • Must wait 4 weeks before undergoing a refill treatment.

Treatment Duration: Approximately 45 minutes. This allows for a detailed assessment and precise application, ensuring optimal results and patient comfort.

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